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election campaign badgesMobile marketing is revving up like no other technology before.  According to The Truth About Mobile Donations by Jenifer Snyder in Mobile Marketer,

"In 1998 the first year after online donations first became a viable fundraising channel, $350,000 was raised via online donations. Compare that to this number: In 2009, the year after mobile donations were first introduced, more than $1.5 million in funds were raised via text-based giving.

In 1999, after people had been donating funds online for three years, $1.1 million was raised via the online giving channel.  In contrast, in 2010, the third year that donations could be made via mobile phones, a whopping $42 million was raised.

So three years after text-based giving first became available, the mobile donation fundraising channel has already raised more than 30 times as many dollars as the online channel did when it was in its infancy."

In the nonprofit world Mobile websites are coming on strong. It gives the organization more control over their message and with mobile phones in every donors pocket it becomes a powerful tool for making and developing the connection between nonprofits and their donors.

United-way-logo-colortifUnited Way of Metropolitan Dallas- Volunteer-driven nonprofit organization does more with less, launches mobile campaign at annual event to raise awareness of new community goals and generates 22% opt-ins within just a few minutes. UWMD grows database of community members to further promote.

How are non-profit organizations using text messaging?

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