We are slowly but surely heading towards that gift giving time of the year again and you can find yourself racking your brains trying to think of that perfect present that somebody is going to love. In these kinds of situations it is always a good idea to consider something that you know they’re going to use which leads us rather neatly to phone accessories.

The vast majority of us are smartphone owners these days so they’re part of our daily lives, which is a reason as to why phone accessories can make such good gifts. We’ve decided to offer you some phone accessory gift ideas to help you choose something that they’re going to really appreciate this year. So here are just a few handy gift ideas to help inspire you.

For the teenager

If any group could be said to be addicted to their phones it’s teenagers, which means a phone accessory gift is guaranteed to be used. Shopping for teenagers can be notoriously tricky since tastes and fads can change overnight, but a gift for their phone is always a safe choice. For example, if they want to up their Instagram game then buy them a selfie stick which is one of the most popular types of phone accessories amongst this age group.

If you’re pretty certain they’ve already got one of these, then what about a light box? This contraption will turn their home videos and pictures into well-lit productions and we particularly recommend it for beauty fans who want to show off their sleek contouring.

And finally for a useful gift that their parents will also love, treat them to a high capacity power bank. There’ll be no more excuses of ‘the battery died’ when they’re out and about, and they’ll enjoy being constantly connected without having to search for the nearest plug.

For the sporty one

Most of us know a person that loves their fitness so why not treat them to a phone accessory that takes their hobby into consideration too? For a stylish gift that will come in handy when they’re out running, a slim-fit armband is ideal; just make sure that the dimensions of their phone will fit and that you choose a colour they’ll love!

For a phone accessory gift that’s a little bit more on the technical side, some Bluetooth earphones will help to keep them motivated when they’re working out. There’ll be no pesky wires catching as they work the machines and no chance of the wire being pulled out either, so they are going to really appreciate them.

Another great phone accessory gift for a sports lover is a fitness tracker that will more accurately keep tabs on their fitness and goals than a phone can do on its own. From simple models to sophisticated ones, there is a wide range to choose from to suit what you’re looking for.

For the driver

For somebody that spends a lot of time driving then there are a whole host of phone accessories to choose from. The most obvious of these is of course a phone mount although even within this there is a wide variety. If you know they use their phone for GPS for example, get them a dashboard mount or even one that hangs from the rear-view mirror.

And the next most obvious gift here has to of course be a car charger. Be generous and offer them the practicality of one with multiple docks so that they can charge several devices simultaneously without having to prioritise one over the other.

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