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Tech Blog / Blog - 6 months ago

Apple will reportedly unify iOS and Mac apps in 2018

& Apple is said to be working on a way to allow developers to build apps that work with touchscreen input on iPhone and iPad, and with mouse and trackpad on Mac devices, to be implemented next year, according to Bloomberg. The system would unify deve...

Tech Blog / Blog - 6 months ago

Apple has a history of choosing cash over startups

& Apple has more cash than any other tech company on the planet. Yet, that hasn’t translated into spending on acquisitions. Over the past five years, Apple has spent the least on M&A out of all the “Big Five” most valuable U.S....

Tech Blog / Blog - 6 months ago

Amazon Prime Video finally lands on Apple TV

& Tim Cook said six months ago Amazon Prime Video was coming to Apple TV sometime before the end of the year. And here it is: the long-awaited app is finally available on Apple TV and the iOS flavor was updated to support the iPhone X. The native tvO...